Jessica grew up in Warren, NJ, which, for those wondering, is a slightly less Italian, slightly more Jewish version of the town from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She received her BFA in Drama from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts via the Atlantic Theater Company and moved to LA. Upon arriving in LA, she finally stopped pretending she was interested in classic texts. 

Able to live her truth at long last, Jessica proudly proclaimed her love of the multi-cam sitcom and began studying with Lesly Kahn. She's still in class there, and is now a member of the faculty. She's appeared on TV in ABC's Mixology and NBC's Blake Shelton's Not So Family Christmas. She can be seen in the Redbox hit, Breaking Wind, which is Lionsgate's spoof on the Twilight movies. She plays Anna Kendrick's character and is happy to ride Anna's success all the way to a blossoming career should they decide to spoof any of her other films.

Jessica also writes! She's had sketches on the homepage of Funny or Die and her web series, Jessica Kinsella, Future Olympian was featured on the homepage of Elizabeth Banks' WhoHaHa. She was most recently staffed as a writer on Hulu's Betch.

Jessica loves Disneyland, Kate Middleton, and the Olympics. She collects presidential PEZ dispensers and vintage campaign buttons. Her favorite character of fiction is Karen Walker.